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Conwy County joins the race to become UK City of Culture 2025

Conwy County Borough Council has submitted its expression of interest to become UK City of Culture 2025 under the title Conwy 2025.

Conwy county is ambitious and dynamic. Constantly changing and evolving whilst still deeply connected to its communities, culture and heritage. A county full of talent, experience, opportunities and cultural awakenings.

Conwy 2025, working with a cast of thousands, will co-produce a playful cultural programme with its communities, that celebrates Conwy county to the world stage. With a spirit of adventure connecting everyone who lives, works and visits, through spectacular landscapes, language, heritage and traditions.

Utilising the transformational power of culture, Conwy 2025 will create a new model of respectful and sustainable tourism and bring long-lasting social and economic benefits to a spectacular destination.

Cllr Charlie McCoubrey, Leader of Conwy County Borough Council said “Conwy 2025 will be the adventure of a lifetime. The county already has an unrivalled reputation for delivering world class events and being a world class destination. Conwy 2025 will create a spark within our communities which will lead to economic growth, wellbeing and connection.

“And as we prepare to launch a new Culture Strategy for Conwy County, bidding for the prestigious status as UK City of Culture 2025 is a tremendous opportunity we are more than ready to deliver.

“Not forgetting, Conwy 2025 will pioneer a community-driven approach. UK City of Culture is all about you, the residents, businesses and visitors of Conwy county - how culture can make a difference to you and your community."

Penderyn Distillery recently announced its financial support for Conwy 2025 alongside Conwy County Borough Council. Stephen Davies, Penderyn’s CEO said “Penderyn would stand by Conwy County as partners with the people, organisations and businesses working to create exceptional cultural events and activities throughout 2025”.

To find out more and follow us on @Conwy2025 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter #Conwy2025